In Season at Bakeshop

Blueberry Graham Scone
Made with a blend of all purpose, graham, and oat flours, this hearty scone is full of rolled oats, dried blueberries, and poppy seeds with just a hint of lemon. It gets topped with a maple butter glaze to give it a slightly crunchy top and a soft, tender inside that reminds us somewhat of a “breakfast cookie” – the perfect something “not-too-sweet” to start out your day. $3.50

Walnut Coffee Cake Muffin
This muffin is made with a blend of all purpose and light rye flours, subtly spiced with cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg, and yields it’s tender crumb from lots of yogurt and browned butter. The walnut streusel is made with freshly toasted walnuts and cinnamon and is layered inside as well as on top. It is warm and flavorful & perfect with coffee. $3.50

Sesame Almond Muffin
This tender, buttery muffin is cake-like in texture and made with a blend of all purpose and Kamut flours. It’s fragrant with cardamom and bursting with black sesame seeds, and has a sticky almond topping with just a hint of orange. $3.50

Chocolate Cocoa Nib Cookie
This soft and chewy cookie is made with 100% Spelt flour (from local Camas Country Mill), and has melted chocolate and chocolate chunks in the batter, then gets sprinkled with cocoa nibs on top.  $2

Cheese & Chutney Wheel
Chutney is defined as a sweet and sour fruit compote and ours is made with plump dried apricots, sweet currants, and a plethora of fragrant spices including cardamom, cumin, turmeric, ginger, and mustard seed. It gets slathered on croissant dough and sprinkled with cheddar cheese, then rolled up to create a spiral “wheel” shape. It then gets topped with more cheese and chutney, creating a sweet, sour, and savory flavor trifecta in every bite. $4.50

Seasonal Hand Pie
Rhubarb, $5

Order these delicious seasonal pastries by calling Bakeshop at 503.946.8884 or e-mailing. Orders require 48 hours notice.