In Season at Bakeshop

Blueberry Graham Scone
Made with a blend of all purpose, graham, and oat flours, this hearty scone is full of rolled oats, dried blueberries, and poppy seeds with just a hint of lemon. It gets topped with a maple butter glaze to give it a slightly crunchy top and a soft, tender inside that reminds us somewhat of a “breakfast cookie” – the perfect something “not-too-sweet” to start out your day.  $3.50

Walnut Coffee Cake Muffin
This tender muffin is made with a blend of light rye and all purpose flours and is full of warm like cinnamon and nutmeg, and lots of browned butter. It then gets topped with a sweet walnut streusel. $3.50

Candied Coconut Muffin 
This muffin is soft and tender and is rich with real coconut flavor coming through from four different components; coconut flour, coconut milk, and desiccated coconut in the muffin, and a sticky shredded coconut topping.  $3.50

Chocolate Cocoa Nib Cookie
This soft and chewy cookie is made with 100% Spelt flour (from local Camas Country Mill), and has melted chocolate and chocolate chunks in the batter, then gets sprinkled with cocoa nibs on top.$2

Olive Croissant
Our Olive Croissants are filled with a house made tapenade made with a mix of Italian olives, parsley, anchovies, capers, and mild Fontal cheese, then rolled and sliced to create a spiral shape when baked. They are then topped with more Fontal cheese, and a salted seed mixture that includes white and black sesame, and caraway seeds. $4.50

Seasonal Hand Pie
Rhubarb, $5

Order these delicious seasonal pastries by calling Bakeshop at 503.946.8884 or e-mailing. Orders require 48 hours notice.